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O2 - A well proven WebFramework now Open Sourced

Presenter Tarjei Vassbotn and Håkon Skaarud Karlsen
Time 2010-10-16 12:00:00
Length 40min
Slides not available
Abstract O2 is a full ecosystem on its own, with content management, e-commerce and other services built on top of its own web application framework written in Perl.
O2 has existed for almost a decade, but has lived its life among the consultants of Onsite Solutions AS.
It is the basis of LinkPulse - a realtime click behavioral analysis software used by the largest sites in Scandinavia, and the foundation of a few large e-commerce sites in Scandinavia as well.
Up until now it has had a paid software licence, but will be fully open sourced by the time YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2010 starts.
The talk will try to explain the foundations of O2, as well as how to install and build a small application on an existing site.

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