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"Indian Silicon Valley" Bangalore's community of Engineer

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「インドのシリコンバレー」バンガロールの IT コミュニティ事情 "Indian Silicon Valley" Bangalore's community of Engineer




  • インド・バンガロールの概要
  • バンガロールのIT事情/エンジニア事情
  • 参加した勉強会の話 × 複数
  • 訪問したスタートアップの話 × 複数
  • 参加した技術カンファレンスの話
  • 世界で活躍するインド人..!
  • etc...

I've visited Bangalore which called "Silicon Valley of India" last year.
In Bangalore I contacted to some engineers community, and attended to some meet-ups, local conference. I also visited some startups.
I want to share you real Bangalore information from my experience in this talk.


  • about India, Bangalore
  • IT Communities of Bangalore
  • Meet-ups
  • the big technical conference
  • Startups
  • etc...

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Talk Category Community
Language Japanese
Interpretation (En→Ja) NO
Slide Subtitles English
Talk Duration 30 minutes
Material (Difficulty) Level Beginner
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