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date: 2010年9月 1日 10:38
author: Daisuke Maki
tags: yapcasia,yapcasia2010
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Thanks For The Talk Sbumissions! | トーク応募ありがとうございました!

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2010トークのご応募、ありがとうございました。ありがたい事に本年はトーク応募が定数を超えました。大変残念ながら全てのトークを採用することができませんので、9/6までにどのトークを採用するのかを決定したいと思います。




いずれにせよ、応募いただいた方々には全てなんらかの形で連絡をいたします。なにかご意見等ある場合は yapc at perlassociation.orgまでご連絡ください。


Thank you all for submitting your talks to YAPC::Asia tokyo 2010. This year we actually got more talk proposals than we can accept, so unfortunately we must decide which talks can go into the conference.

This year we're using the Hatena Star system to get the feeling on which talks are most wanted. We realize you'd have to signup for a yet another service  just to use this, but this was the easiest way for us this year. Maybe there's a better way next year.

We will decide which talks to accept by Sept 6 (JST). While doing so we will use the Hatena star as a partial measure to make our decision. Please do note that we're not doing this selection solely by the number of votes/stars -- this will only be used as sort of a tie-breaker when we can't decide which talks will go in and which won't.

Special note to would-be speakers from abroad: it is /very/ unlikely that we will simply turn down your talk, as we know it's a big commitment and hassle to come to Japan just for this. However, if your travel plans are flexible, there is a chance that we might ask you to present at the 10/14 "Perl-Casual meets YAPC", which is sort of RejectConf.

We will get in touch with all speakers shortly. Stay tuned!