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Aug. 28, 29, 30 at KEIO Univ. Hiyoshi Campus [There Is More Than One Way To Enjoy It!]

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Perl::Lint - Yet Another Perl Source Code Linter


(日本語は下にあります / Japanese follows English)

Hello, every Perl mongers!
Do you use Perl::Critic? I think you are using!
Yes of cource, Perl::Critic is awesome and powerful tool to check our source code.
I wonder how many times Perl::Critic saved me from bugs.
But... I feel this module is a bit slowlly, so processing speed becames fast, I thought that I was glad.

...That is where Perl::Lint come in!

I implemented (it is not accurate, actually I'm implementing now!) Perl::Lint which is the yet another source code linter for Perl. It is fast, simple and compatible with Perl::Critic.
Perl::Lint uses Compiler::Lexer as the analyzer insted of PPI. Compiler::Lexer is the tokenizer for Perl that is written by C++, so really fast. Therefore Perl::Lint realize a speed-up.

In this talk, I will take on a subject such as the following;

  • Background (Why do I develop this?)
  • Outline about static analyzing of Perl and Compiler::*
  • About automation the code review
  • Benefits to use Perl::Lint with bench marking
  • Devices in the implementation or struggles
  • Plugin (policy) mechanism
  • Demonstration
  • Future Prospects

Perl::Lint is a still unripe tool. I hope to discuss with you and make this into a better tool.
(Having said that, although it has not been completed yet :p)


  • http://news.perlfoundation.org/2014/03/grant-proposal-perllint---yet.html

Perl::Critic,使ってますか? 使ってますね!


私が実装した (嘘!! 只今絶賛実装中です) Perl::LintはPerlの為の新しいソースコードチェッカーです.高速に動作し,シンプルで,かつPerl::Criticとの互換性を保っています.
Perl::Lintはソースコードの解析器としてPPIの代わりにCompiler::Lexerを用いています.Compiler::LexerはC++で書かれたPerlソースコードのトークナイザでマジで高速! だからPerl::Lintの高速化を実現できたって訳ですね.


  • 開発に至った経緯,動機
  • Perlにおける静的解析及びCompiler::*の概説
  • コードレビューの自動化について
  • Perl::Lintの利点 (ベンチマーク結果等とともに)
  • 実装上の工夫,あるいは苦痛^H労
  • プラグイン (ポリシー) の機構について
  • デモンストレーション
  • 今後の展望



つーか,とは言うもののまだ完成してないんですけどね!!!!!!! ヒィー


  • http://news.perlfoundation.org/2014/03/grant-proposal-perllint---yet.html
  • http://moznion.hatenadiary.com/entry/2014/03/16/220713

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Venue Multipurpose Room 2
Starts On 2014-08-29 13:00:00
Talk Category Libraries
Language Japanese
Slide Subtitles English
Talk Duration 40 minutes
Material (Difficulty) Level Regular
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