YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2014

Aug. 28, 29, 30 at KEIO Univ. Hiyoshi Campus [There Is More Than One Way To Enjoy It!]

Talk Information

DBIx::Class - what is it and what is it good for?


DBIx::Class is a widely used and just as widely misunderstood SQL metaprogramming framework (no, it is not an ORM, it just plays one on TV). Come to see the primary maintainer of DBIx::Class (a.k.a. DBIC) give an overview of its architecture, show some more advanced use cases where the library really shines, and generally rant about the sorry state of the RDBMS universe ;)

Talk Details

Venue Main Hall (Fujiwara Hiroshi Hall)
Starts On 2014-08-29 13:00:00
Talk Category Others
Language English
Slide Subtitles English
Talk Duration 40 minutes
Material (Difficulty) Level Regular
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