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Build your own container from scratch with Perl Accepted Interpretation (En→Ja) #yapcasiaC Vote!



LXC (Linux Container) is getting a lot of attention these days. From the fundamental principles of Unix to some modern Linux features, we will examine how containers work and how to build your own using Perl.

  • This talk will be provided by Marty Pauley (@maokt) and Miki Horiuchi (@nukamu).


  • Linux / Unix fundamentals
  • What is a container?
  • Mount namespace
  • User namespace



  • Linux / Unix 前提知識
  • コンテナとは何か
  • マウント名前空間
  • ユーザ名前空間

  • このトークはポーリーマーティ(@maokt)と堀内美希(@nukamu)の2名により行われます

  • スライドは日本語も交える予定です

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Venue トラックC (703)
Starts On 2015-08-22 13:10:00
Talk Category Infrastructure / Operations
Language English
Interpretation (En→Ja) YES
Slide Subtitles English
Talk Duration 60 minutes
Material (Difficulty) Level Regular
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