Jun 01

Regular Tickets Are On Sale | 通常チケット販売開始します!



  • 学生チケット 無料 (8/21+8/22、Tシャツ無し)
  • 一日チケットA 5500円(8/21、Tシャツ無し)
  • 一日チケットB 5500円(8/22、Tシャツ無し)
  • 二日チケット 6500円(8/21+8/22、Tシャツ無し)
  • 二日チケット 7500円(8/21+8/22、Tシャツ有り)





We are going to start selling regular tickets for YAPC::Asia Tokyo at around 6/1 10:00 JST!

  • Student Pass, Free (8/21+8/22, no T shirt)
  • 1 Day Pass "A", 5500 JPY (8/21, no T shirt)
  • 1 Day Pass "B", 5500 JPY (8/22, no T shirt)
  • 2 Day Pass, 6500 JPY (8/21+8/22, no T shirt)
  • 2 Day Pass, 7500 JPY (8/21+8/22, incl. T shirt)

Due to popular demand, we are also making a few more Individual Sponsorship tickets available. Don't miss it this time!

All tickets allows you to attend the Pre-YAPC event on 8/20. There will also be a Free Dinner on 8/21, which you must register for, but tickets for this will be available on a later date.

This year there will be NO additional tickets. If they go, the only chance you have is to wait for somebody to cancel their tickets (note: We will only accept ticket cancellation until 8/13), so don't miss this opportunity!

By Daisuke Maki