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Electron: Building desktop apps with web technologies Accepted Interpretation (En→Ja) #yapcasiaA Vote!



This talk will be an overview to building Desktop apps with the Electron project. Electron underpins popular desktop apps like Atom, Slack, Visual Studio Code, and Mapbox Studio.

The talk is directed at anyone who has written code for the web. It will cover the following ground:

  • What is electron? Node + chromium = :D
  • Why did we build it?
  • What’s possible with electron?
  • What does an electron app look like?
  • Demo using perlito to build a small app
  • Demo of a larger app with a little live coding
  • Jokes


  • A deeper technical set of slides on Electron (formerly atom-shell)

Talk Details

Venue トラックA 国際会議場
Starts On 2015-08-21 15:30:00
Talk Category Libraries
Language English
Interpretation (En→Ja) YES
Slide Subtitles Japanese
Talk Duration 30 minutes
Material (Difficulty) Level Beginner
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