Jul 23

How To Get To Tokyo Bigsight Area


Take one of the trains to get to the area.
(Other means of transportation are described in Tokyo Bigsight website)

Tokyo Bigsight has two nearby stations.

  • Kokusai-tenjijo St., Rinkai Line
  • Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon St., Yurikamome Line

Rinkai line's Kokusai-tenjijo station is slightly closer to the venue than Yurikamome's Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon station by about 400m, but it does not make too much of a difference.

If you are using Rinkai line, you can transit to Rinkai line from Osaki station on Yamanote line. If you time it right, Rinkai line also has a train that goes directly into the Rinkai line from JR line. You will NOT need to switch trains if you use that, but be careful of the destinations as they are confusing.

If you are using Yurikamome, you can transit to Yurikamome from Shinbashi station on JR Yamanote line or Shiodome station on Oedo line (subway) or Toyosu station on Yurakucho line (subway) .

If you are coming directly from Haneda airport, you should use Tokyo monorail. You can transit to Rinkai line at Tennōzu Isle Station.

If you are coming directly from Narita International Airport, you should use Keisei skyliner (a limited express, requires reservation). You will have to make transit 2 times, at Nippori station to Yamanote Line and then at Shinabashi station to Yurikamome Line. It will take about 90 min.

"How Do I Get to Daiba"(KEISEI Electric Railway Website)
KEISEI Electric Railway Website
Keisei skyliner E-ticket

Or, you can just use Google Map :)

Other resources:
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There aren't that many sightseeing spots or cafes outside of Tokyo Bigsight within 10 minute walking distance. Please be prepared to take a short trip out if you want to do anything in your spare time.


This photo shows you where things are from the Kokusai-tenjijo station exit. view_from_kokusaitenjijo_sta.jpg
By Daisuke Maki