Jul 23

Getting Around the Venue | 会場への道順

(English follows Japanese)

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015が開催される東京ビッグサイトの会議棟までの道順を紹介致します。


Google map - Tokyo Big Sight



  • りんかい線 国際展示場駅改札から約12分
  • ゆりかもめ 国際展示場正門駅改札から約9分
  • ワシントンホテルより約10分
  • ホテルサンルートより約12分


Hello! I'm Ishida (@uzulla), a member of the YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 organizer team.
This entry will explain how to get around the venue (Tokyo Bigsight) and the hotels near by.

Google map - Tokyo Big Sight

Estimated time

Below is a list of estimated time that it will take to reach Tokyo Bigsight from the stations and hotels.

  • From Kokusai-Tenjijo station (Rinkai Line): Approximately 12 minutes.
  • From Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon station (Yurikamome): Approximately 9 minutes.
  • From Washington Hotel: Approximately 10 minutes.
  • From Hotel Sunroute: Approximately 12 minutes.

The check-in counters are expected to be very crowded on the beginning of Day 1. Please make sure you arrive early to not miss attending the talks!

If you get lost, or encounter problems arriving to the venue, you can contact us at our YAPC::Asia Tokyo Twitter account.

By Junichi Ishida