Jun 22

Talks Accepted! | 採用トーク決定!+トーク審査を終えて

(English follows Japanese)


例年トーク募集を開始すると、主催としては「はたして本当に応募してくれる人がいるのかな?」不安でたまらない日々を過ごすことになるのですが... なんと今年は招待ゲスト等を除いても応募総数180前後のトーク応募がありました!すごい!倍率4倍強です!すごい!




  • * トーク概要が書き込んである+トピックを全く知らない人にとっても足を運ぶ価値がある事を説明できている・しようとしている
  • * 「技術」についての話を優先する。
  • * ユニークなトピックである、もしくはトピックがかぶる場合はなるたけ採用個数を絞る



今回もYAPC::Asia Tokyo の名に恥じない幅広いトークを選出できたと思います。どのトークを聞くのか是非悩んでください!スピーカーの方々は、是非裏番組にまけないようにトーク内容を作り込んできてください!よろしくお願いいたします!


YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 運営委員会

Every year when we open our call for papers, the organizers are just terrified thinking that nobody will submit their talks. Well, this year we didn't need to be worried about that, as we had an unprecedented 180+ talk submissions for approximately 40 slots! This was just unbelievable.

However, that also meant that the selection process would be a hard one... In fact, of all the YAPC::Asia Tokyo's I have been part of, this was by far the most brutal one to select talks for.

In general this is the criteria we used to pick our talks:

  • * The talk abstract contained significant information, enough for people with minimal knowledge of the subject to be interested in attending the talk.
  • * Prefer talks that are about technology itself.
  • * Prefer talks on "unique" subject. If not, try to cutdown on the number of talks on the same subject.

Obviously these were not the only factors involved in the selection process. Once we had our most favorable picks, we went back and checked for things like number of shares on social networks, balance between talks around a possible time slot, check against resource constraints (such as interpretation), etc. We repeated this process until we had all the slots filled. Towards the end, it was getting really really hard to pick which one of the remaining talks could go into the available slots. Again, it was brutal for the selection committee.

After all was said and done, we are pleased to announce the accepted talks. Please click the links below for a full list. Congratulations to all who were accepted!

We think we were able to choose a wide variety of talks that makes YAPC::Asia Tokyo unique. For those of you attending, have fun trying to decide which talks to attend! For those of you speaking, please check out who your slot is against, and please brush up on your slides!

See you at the venue!

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 Organizer Team

By Daisuke Maki